Web Design

Custom-designed web applications.

My design principles.

I use responsive design to make sure your web application will work well on any platform (from mobile phones to PCs). I do my best to ensure that your application will be accessible to clients with disabilities. Lastly, I like to design things that will make your life and those of your clients or users easier.

I develop web applications using the excellent Cake PHP framework. This enables me to have very clean and easy to maintain code based on the Model-View-Controller paradigm while also being able to quickly put together a fully working application prototype.

My Skills.



I am fluent in HTML5 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.



I rely on industry-standard frameworks such as Bootstrap or the Web Experience Toolkit to create web applications. This saves me a lot of time and effort and provides you with a best-of-class user experience.



My framework of choice CakePHP.

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