Custom-designed Content Management System for Learning Objects.

Learning Objects

Developing educational material is costly. Using the concept of Learning Objects makes it easy to create small chunks of educational material that can be reused in various courses. Each individual Learning Object can be maintained as a self-contained unit, saving a lot of effort.


Our Content Management System organizes Learning Objects by the competency they provide, allowing for easy retrieval of individual Learning Objects.


Everything is neatly organized in our CMS. Competencies can be organized into a Competency Profile. A collection of courses can be organized into a curriculum. A collection of Learning Objects ca be organized into a course. This structure makes is easier to develop training that meets your client’s requirements.


Curriculum, Competencies, Courses, Learning Strategies, Learning Objects and all other content types handled by our CMS are editable using a wiki-based editor, making content easily maintainable. Everything is version-controlled too, allowing you to keep track of how your content evolves…

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