myMSC App allows Master Swimmers of Canada to carry their information in their pocket. Features include:

  • Download of MyMSC profile info (including MSC Number, age group, personal best times and million meter challenge data)
  • Submitting Million Meter Challenge log entries
  • Viewing and deleting Million Meter Challenge log entries
  • Downloading MyMSC records for off-line view
  • Custom events and custom times
  • Log and Time entries can be stored locally when internet is unavailable and submitted later
  • Icons to differentiate official meet times and user-submitted times

You will need a free account on in order to use this app.


  1. Notebook” symbol by Carlo, “Podium” symbol by Andrew J. Young, “Stopwatch” symbol by Scott Lewis, from The Noun Project ( collection”.
  2. myMSC artwork in application icon used with permission.
ebeauleMyMSC App